About us

Wiggle Dog Walks is a dog walking company that was opened after we adopted our dog, Mia, that had a lot of behavioural issues. We had such a hard time finding help for her that we decided to study dog training through De Main De Maître, Coeur Canin and Guides Canins to give her the life she deserved. We opened the company to help other people that had similar issues and wanted to find someone that was qualified to care for their dogs when they couldn’t. The type of training we use is called Relationship-based training. It is a method that puts the human-canine relationship at the center of everything.


The Walkers

roro    zoe   gen

sand    amary



Contact us

We work in the Plateau, Rosemont and Village neighbourhoods

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
(514) 809-6562