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Sandryne is passionate about dogs. Her everyday companion is Marcus, a three-year-old spaniel that is the brother of Guizmo, a 2-year-old cat. Having an immense desire to share her life with more dogs, Sandryne joined the Wiggle family to help the owners out and add an hour of happiness in the life of their dog.
Sandryne will bring joy to your dog’s life thanks to her infectious humor and her immense patience that keeps her always smiling regardless of the situation. With her, there will only be beautiful days; rain or shine, the best times are those that are spent in good company.

7 hours theory training – Wiggle Dog Walks
50 hours practice training – Wiggle Dog Walks
Seminar on concepts of advanced conditioning and structure in training – De Main De Maître 2019
Seminar on advanced strategies of reinforcements –
De Main De Maître 2019